In a World of Endless Surprises…

The Forgotten Hex is a campaign run and designed by players of Messiah College. Using a custom procedural generating map, the players of a campaign will make decisions on how to explore the game world, both planning for their survival and engaging in combat with normal Dungeons and Dragons 5E systems. Dungeon Masters must improvise on their stories, but also guide their players to specific objectives in order to build, sustain, and expand the colonies where they originate from.

Lore also dynamically comes to life as different gaming groups contribute their findings. A mysterious temple in a forest, for example, may reveal something about the religion of a particularly ancient group of inhabitants. Ghosts may share their stories of their pasts, revealing clues to the end of the once thriving civilization on the island.

Now you must choose: Will you explore the wilds and discover the secrets of old, or will you die trying?

The Forgotten Hex

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