Shopping Lists

It is expected that you will have a “shopping list” completed before each session to pick up supplies you will need for adventuring. Here is a guide for absolute essentials for you to find before the session. Other items can be found on page 150 of the PHB.

Advanced Roleplaying Items: These in-game items supplement what you bring physically to the game table. For example, having spare paper and ink can represent your spare pieces of paper that you bring to the game.

Essential Adventuring Gear

Backpack: 2 gp, 5 lb.

Bedroll: 1 gp, 7 lb.

Blanket: 5 sp, 3 lb.

Rations (1 Day): 5 sp, 2 lb.

Tinderbox: 5 sp, 1 lb.

Torch: 1 cp, 1 lb.

Waterskin: 2 sp, 5 lb. (full); 5 sp, 9 lb. (full).

Standard Adventuring Gear

Abacus (Advanced Roleplaying Item): 2 gp, 2 lb.

Acid (Vial): 25 gp, 1 lb.

Alchemist’s Fire: 50 gp, 1 lb.

Shopping Lists

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