Earning Money

Money is a trading resource used to represent the ability to acquire goods. For your travels in this world, you will need to manage money more closely than in other campaigns. For that reason, here is some additional places where you can earn money.

Returning Home

When returning to town and to your home base, your quest giver will give you 5 gold for every session you spend away from the home base. They will also give you 2 silver for every tile you traveled out during the session.

Bounties, Information, and Recovery

You will find that there are opportunities in the wilderness held by your quest giver. He or she will give you the information on any of these missions. Some of them will prove to be more difficult than others, but the rewards will benefit. Jobs will stick around for 2 sessions, then be lost.


When adventuring, you’ll probably make some heads roll. Some of these heads might be worth a decent amount of money! Tracking, identifying, and bringing back criminals is a timely and intensive effort, but worth the gold in most cases.


Gathering intel on a certain tile, camp, or city is not normally a challenging exchange. However, it is a worthy cause if you need some extra coin, and the job is on the way.


Sometimes people get lost, kidnapped, or trapped in the wilds. It can be your job to find them and bring them back, dead or alive. This is a good middle alternative to the ladder options, and recovery missions are normally easier than Bounty missions, but provide more gold than Information events.


At some point, you may have the capacity to carry more trading goods around. You may encounter small trading caravans in the woods, or other settlements where you may trade goods with them. Trading is a great way to earn income, but be wary of highs and lows in the marketplace.


Of course, exploring dungeons, slaying enemies, and finding secret rooms is always a great way to solidify income.

Earning Money

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