Purposes and Ideas of the Hex World

For this campaign, it is not designed to have a particular story in mind. It rather is designed to capitalize on community story telling. As the players make decisions in an effort to explore the land, the DM will have to make use of prepared material and improvised storytelling in order to keep the game running. Also, the DM will also have to allow the players to fill in gaps of the story, as the lore of the world is to be discovered and interpreted by the players.

For game purposes, here are other main objectives of the Hex World, in which you will be playing.

To Incorporate a Dynamic Discovery of the World

Since the world is randomly generated, the players and the DM will both be discovering the world together. There will be limited information that the DM will be able to use for the next campaign setting, but the players will also have to wait and explore in anticipation.

To Allow Several DMs and Players to Run Games

Not all people want to run games for a long times, and DMs occasionally want to sit down and play as PCs. The “Tavern System” allows parties of adventurers to be sent out into the world with new or experienced DMs. This allows players who cannot frequently play a chance or two to sit down and have a good experience, and it allows consistent players a chance to continually play.

To Allow A Natural Engagement and Building of Friendships

Because of how this system is formed, the players will have to get to know each other as characters and players. This will allow them to become closer as friends and as a team.

Purposes and Ideas of the Hex World

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