Your Home Base

In this campaign, leveling up works differently as explained here. You will have to choose a home base that your party will gather and center around. Here are the options.

The Tavern

“Your Party Starts in an old Tavern…”

Yes, its the stereotypical place to start a campaign, but hey! Traditionalism has its perks, and the stories here are inspiring.

Perk: One player of the party starts the game with an inspiration point.
Perk: You name the tavern with your party.

The Gracious Host

“A home-cooked meal can really hit the spot…”

Sprawled across the kitchen table of an old acquaintance are your maps, plans, money, and food. These people take care of you, and fill your stomach before you head out.

Perk: Gain free water and rations for 2 days when leaving town.

The Docks

“Some shady characters come in through the docks. You never know what kind of deals go down here…:

Strange people and strange goods sometimes get pushed through the docks, especially on the fringes of civilization.

Perk: Gain an extra 3 Gold when returning to town from a session.

The Blacksmith

“Not the most pleasant place to plan out your adventures… but the blacksmith takes a liking to you all and wants to make sure you are well prepared.”

It seems that the blacksmith sells weapons every week from his forge. However, he may cut a deal and have some extra stock from time to time.

Perk: 1 Extra weapon for sale each week.

The Guard House

“Okay, maybe it wasn’t the most ideal place for some of you to stay… but you at least get to hear some juicy leads.”

The guard house isn’t the most ideal place to stay, but you definitely will have the first cut at jobs as they come into the town.

Perk: +1 for all job rolls.

The Shop

“Discounts? Ha! You thought wrong. Though, I could tell you where I get some of my goods…”

Staying at the shop won’t guarantee any discounts, but tracking down traders because much much easier.

Perk: +2 for all trader rolls. The DM gives you a prediction of where the trader is.

The Broken Shrine

“Some say it was demolished by rascals. Some say it was the test of time. Fewer say it was a competing god and his wrath…”

A broken statue at the edge of town has a few melted candles at its base. It feels cold and lonely to most… but warm to few.

Perk: ???

Your Home Base

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